Online Institute

The NSRH Online Institute is one of our most exciting innovations. The Institute will fill critical gaps in Nursing education by providing a user-centric online learning portal for our members to access educational modules in sexual and reproductive health. Many people assume that nurses have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of health care and are surprised to discover that few nursing education programs in the US and Canada include a comprehensive curriculum in sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH).

As frontline healthcare providers, RNs, advanced practice nurses, and midwives provide a great deal of the sexual and reproductive health care services in this country, and so this lack of education in SRH serves as a barrier to providing comprehensive care to communities. While there are a number of resources available through different organizations, it can be difficult to navigate all of this content and find the right resources to meet your individual needs.

To address this issue, we are curating accessible and affordable learning modules. We will use multi-media tools (webinars, videos, etc.) to increase engagement and facilitate online interaction among members. These modules will be designed to help you increase your knowledge and proficiency in SRH and acquire needed CEUs. Our curriculum will also be designed to help our users better understand how sexual and reproductive health intersects with critical concepts and issues in Reproductive Justice and Reproductive Rights.

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In addition to meeting the needs of our individual members, we are also creating "out of the box" curriculum that members can use to implement SRH education in their organizations, nursing programs, and communities to aid institutional adoption of SRH content through user-focused engagement and support.



Abortion Care Education (ACE) Elective Curriculum

The ACE Elective is divided into 10 sessions. Sessions can be used to host a 10 week course or as stand alone lectures, depending on your needs.

Session 1: Abortion in Public Health
Session 2: Abortion 101
Session 3: Professionalism in Nursing
Session 4: Options Counseling
Session 5: Adoption
Session 6: MVA and IUD Insertion Workshops
Session 7: Sexual and Reproductive Health 101
Session 8: Contraception
Session 9: At Risk Populations
Session 10: Reproductive Justice

NSRH will launch the Institute in late 2020. In the interim you can request a download of the Abortion Care Education (ACE) Elective Curriculum and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our progress.


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