Training in Abortion Care (TAC) Program-POSTPONED

Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health’s Training in Abortion Care (TAC) Program aims to address the need for more full-spectrum clinical training opportunities for registered nurses within the scope of practice in their given region. TAC pairs highly motivated registered nurses with clinical partners that provide full-spectrum sexual and reproductive healthcare for hands-on learning of procedures, particularly abortion care. In addition to clinical training, learners will also receive interprofessional programming to support their development as advocates for reproductive rights and justice. 

TAC’s first cohort will be established in honor of Helen Pearl Lay Watson, a registered nurse and pro-choice supporter who went on to practice for 54 years. Helen’s granddaughters Julie Watson and Katie Watson are honoring her legacy by supporting the development of a Fellowship program that will allow NSRH to provide nurses with more opportunities for clinical education within the scope of practice in their given region. In honor of Watson's deep roots in Kentucky and Tennessee, this first TAC cycle will only be open to RNs licensed to practice in the states of Kentucky and/or Tennessee.

Click here to learn more about Helen Pearl Lay Watson

Clinical Training

The hands-on clinical scope of the trainee is determined by the nursing scope of practice as defined by state law where the training takes place. Clinical training topics may include: 

  • Access and referral; 
  • Patient assessment; 
  • Options counseling; 
  • Preparation and intraprocedural care; 
  • Post-abortion care; and 
  • Maintenance of patient confidentiality. 

NSRH encourages a minimum of 80 hours of hands-on clinical time, however we do not guarantee the time available at any given clinical site. Trainees will be responsible for scheduling clinical hours with their host sites, understanding that all clinical hours must be completed within 6 months. Host sites will provide medical malpractice and liability coverage for trainees that are approved and placed in their clinics by NSRH. 

NSRH is not a health center or clinical site and does not provide any direct patient care. NSRH works with a network of providers to coordinate and provide training opportunities to trainees. Some clinic training sites may have specific requirements for trainees for eligibility. These specific requirements will be communicated to applicants during the application process by NSRH. Please note that this is not an employment program and participants will not be paid any compensation by the training sites.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, clinical placement timelines will vary depending on the capacity and safety protocols of the individual and clinic.

Education, Networking, and Justice

TAC will build on social and reproductive justice principles in order to strengthen and build knowledge, leadership skills, and leverage the power of nurses. In addition to the clinical experience, program participants will also receive:

  • One-year membership to NSRH, including access to online learning modules
  • One year membership to Clinicians in Abortion Care (CIAC), a program of NAF, including access to online learning modules
  • Media & Advocacy training
  • Regular engaging workshops and discussions focused on abortion access, racial justice, and social equity in healthcare delivery with fellow nurse leaders and social justice professionals

In order to provide the most accessible training experience, NSRH will provide trainees with a modest one-time stipend to offset any costs associated with participating in the training program. 

How to Apply

The inaugural cycle of the Training in Abortion Care Program planned for a January 2021 has been postponed due to personnel changes and COVID-related challenges. While we remain committed to creating new opportunities for nurses to become providers of abortion care, we want to do this in a way that is safe and responsible for our network and our partners. As we bring on more staff capacity and head into what is hopefully a healthier season for everyone, we will keep our network updated via our newsletter and social media about a re-launch date. We appreciate your patience and support of NSRH during this critical time in healthcare.


Questions about TAC? Check out our FAQs or email [email protected]