How to Start a Chapter

"Having an NSSRH* chapter on campus provides unparalleled opportunities for learning and community building. I'm so grateful for the support from NSSRH to bring guests to campus to augment and enrich our learning on sexual and reproductive health topics. NSSRH gives students opportunities to develop as leaders, by organizing events, sharing resources with peers, facilitating conversations, and managing programming.”
*NSRH was Formerly NSSRH (Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health)
- Rosalie, Yale NSSRH Chapter Leader, CNM/WHNP ‘19

The following information details what you need to start a student chapter on your campus. Review this list prior to completing your Chapter Registration Form and contact us with any questions.

- Name Your Chapter -
Nationally, we are Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health (NSRH). We suggest using the following convention for naming your campus chapter: School Name + Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health. We can provide your campus chapter with a logo once you are established.

- Establish Yourself on Campus -
Take some time to find out what is required on your campus in order to create a student group. Your student organizations office on campus will likely be a useful resource. Make sure you have taken the proper steps in order to ensure a successful NSRH chapter. We can help you by providing sample constitutions or logo information for social media. If you run into restrictions or barriers at this stage, please reach out and we can work together on developing a path forward.

- Brainstorm Advocacy Goals -
How do you see the NSRH chapter participating in education and advocacy? What topics related to SRH would you like to learn more about that are lacking in your school’s curricula? How would you like to build community and engage in advocacy outside of the classroom? Think big and remember that comprehensive sexual and reproductive health can include many areas of interest.

- Identify Student Leaders for your Campus Chapter -
Identify other students interested in participating and co-leading your chapter. Many schools require student groups to identify a president and a treasurer, but see what’s required on your campus. By joining an NSRH student chapter, students have access to unique career opportunities, strong peer and professional networks, supplemental education, and opportunities to develop skills in SRH advocacy.

- Find a Faculty Advisor -
Identify a faculty member to serve as your chapter advisor. If you cannot find an advisor on your campus please reach out to us and we can see if there is a faculty member at your institution that is already connected with NSRH. Once you establish your faculty advisor(s), share all campus chapter information with them.

- Build Coalitions -
Look for student groups who highlight the intersections of reproductive and sexual health with antiracism and social justice. Every campus is different, but look to build coalitions with public health, public policy, social work, law and medicine. Some examples include Medical Students for Choice, If/When/How, White Coats for Black Lives, Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, Planned Parenthood Generation Action Groups, and Civil Liberties and Public Policy. If you can’t find student groups on your campus we can help you identify regional partners.

- Fundraise -
Build your capacity to host events, attend conferences, and budget for necessary food and supplies. Look for local grants, talk to local restaurants about sponsoring SRH benefit nights, host bake sales and move nights, and loop in your campus student council. Talk to NSRH if you need help brainstorming more fundraising ideas or to apply for funding through our organization.

- Plan for Sustained Activism & Succession -
Mentor younger students so your campus chapter will remain active after you graduate. Upon graduation, enroll as an NSRH First Year Professional Member for free so you can remain connected with our network. Contact our Student Engagement Coordinator and tell us how best to support you before and after graduation. We can connect you to a network of professional nurses who can provide you with valuable mentorship and networking opportunities.

Ready to start now? Please fill out the Chapter Registration Form. Once you have filled out the form we’ll provide you with a Campus Chapter Manual which includes a Chapter Handbook, tool kits, fact sheets, and more. Questions about starting a student chapter? Contact our Chapter Support.