Online Institute FAQs

What type of education does NSRH offer? Can I receive CE credits from engaging with NSRH’s courses?
NSRH is accredited through the California Board of Nursing to provide continuing education (CE) credits. Please include your nurse license number in your member profile to ensure your certificates are accurate. If you are a nursing student and do not hold a nurse license, you can still receive a certificate of completion. Through the Online Institute, NSRH provides interactive modules, webinars, and discussion guides. We also offer in- person and virtual education events. 

How can I access the Online Institute: 
Joining as an NSRH member will give you access to our full education catalogue and continued education certificates. 

Once you have joined as a NSRH member, you can access the online institute via the quick links tab on the home page or here under SRH Education. Please include your nurse license number in your member profile if you would like that information on your CEU certificate.

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Is there content that is available to members vs. non-members?
Once you are a member, you will have immediate access to our entire online institute catalogue where you can listen to webinars, complete modules and receive CEU credits. Please include your nurse license number in your member profile to receive your CE certificate.

NSRH will host member-only events as part of a member benefit. For general education events open to both members and non-members, members will receive discounted registration.  Non-members can purchase our online modules individually through our shop. 

My certificate did not include my license number, can I fix that?
Yes! Go into your member profile and click edit. There will be a field to include your license number. Once this is updated, your CEU certificates will have that number automatically included. 

If you do not have a nurse license number, you can still complete the post-course survey and receive a certificate as proof of completion.

I lost the email with my CEU certificate, can I get another one?
All of your CEU certificates are stored and available for download under 'My Certificates' in your online institute account.

How often does content get added to the Online Institute?  
Our goal is to release new content to the Online Institute every quarter. The offerings released will vary from interactive modules, recorded webinars and online member events. 

Who can contribute to content creation? 
We encourage our members to participate in creating content for the Online Institute. As frontline providers, you all have expertise in providing SRH care in your communities. In order to participate in content creation, a member would have to be at a trust level three. Click here for more information on our trust system and vetting process. 

We are committed to uplifting the knowledge of the communities most impacted by inadequate healthcare. We recognize the innate expertise that comes from lived experience and encourage folks to reach out to [email protected] if they are interested in contributing their knowledge to our nurses and allies. Community partners would not need to join as an NSRH member to be eligible for content creation opportunities.