Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people have access to just and dignified comprehensive healthcare.

Sexual and reproductive healthcare is integral to the health and well-being of our communities. Yet millions of people lack access to this critical care, especially people of color, youth, LGBTQ+ folx, and those living in low income/or isolated areas.

Our Mission

NSRH provides students, nurses and midwives with education and resources to become skilled care providers and social change agents in sexual and reproductive health and justice.

Our Values

  • Culture: We support the role of culturally rooted and alternative/holistic models of care, particularly as practices essential to the well-being of diasporic and indigenous communities, and people of color. 
  • Equity: Everyone has a fair opportunity to attain their full health potential regardless of race, class, gender, citizenship status, ability, creed, age, religion, sexual identity/expression, or geography. Quality, accessible healthcare is a human right.
  • Integrity: Our work is rooted in the trust of individuals, their communities, and the nurses and other healthcare providers who care for them. We honor and recognize the credibility and expertise of providers at all levels.
  • Intersectionality: Oppression is systemic and intersected, and our approach to healthcare is rooted in affirming the various identities and experiences of patients and providers. We collectively challenge racism, ageism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, white supremacy, misogyny, sexism, and all oppressive structures and systems.   
  • Pleasure: Pleasure is a form of care and a radical act in the fight for sexual and reproductive freedom and justice. We believe in centering consensual sex as a form of pleasure. 
  • Power: Nursing and social justice are inherently linked. Therefore, it is the role of nurses and other healthcare providers to challenge power structures and systems that inhibit the health and wellness of their communities. This includes transforming relationships of power inter-professionally and between providers and patients.
  • Safety: Criminalization and policing of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people in ways that interfere with and obstruct bodily autonomy, humanity, and life is inhumane and a threat to our communities. We support healthcare provision free from the obstruction of law enforcement. 
  • Science: Patients and their providers should be empowered with evidence-based, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and information.
  • Trust: Patients should be trusted to know what is best for their body and their family and are deserving of access to the services and care that support those choices.
  • Wellness: The spectrum of sexual and reproductive health care does not center on the events of conception and pregnancy alone, nor is it limited to interactions with a healthcare provider. We believe in compassionate care that supports the whole person, mentally and physically, throughout their lifespan.  

Our Approach

We educate, mobilize, and support nurses to advance SRH access through a 3-pronged strategy:

Who We Serve

NSRH supports all nursing professionals and nursing students. Our scope includes ADNs, LPN/LVNs, RNs, APRNs, Certified Midwives, and nursing faculty and students (including ADN, RN, APRN, LPN, and Midwifery, and MSN programs).