Membership Program

Our Membership Program will provide nurses, midwives, and students of those professions with:

  • Access to curated professional development experiences and opportunities within sexual and reproductive health, reproductive rights and reproductive justice,
  • Access to online learning modules and advocacy tools, and
  • Access to a community of other nurses and allies within the field to build networks and share resources.

Our Membership Program will support nurses and midwives throughout the trajectory of their careers. Our Student Membership serves students in ADN, RN, APN, LPN, Midwifery, and MSN programs. The primary platform for students to access NSRH services will be through our Chapter Organizing Network. Students who join a student chapter are automatically eligible for a free student membership. Student members who are not connected with an NSRH chapter will also have limited access to our Online Institute and NSRH Rotations. Upon graduation student members can transfer to a professional membership free for one year. 

Our Professional Membership will serve ADNs, LPNs, RNs, APRNs, and Certified Midwives. The major platform for professionals to access NSRH services will be through our Membership Program. Non-members will also have limited access to the Online Training Institute and NSRH Rotations.


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