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With the free student membership available for up to 4 years, do I need to use those years consecutively?
No, you can use the 4 free years of student membership anytime you are enrolled in a nursing program. 

I don’t know anyone in the NSRH membership. What is the process for joining to gain access to the membership benefits and trusted community?
Nearly all our community members will apply to join and come in at Trust Level 1 with access to some of our great benefits. To help us get to know you better, you can complete a Trust Level increase request form. Check out all the benefits at the different Trust Levels here.

I recently graduated and can’t afford a Professional Nursing membership right now, can I still participate?
Absolutely! We offer one free year to recent graduates from nursing programs who participated in our NSRH student membership or were involved with their campus chapter program. We do not want cost to be a barrier for participation, contact us for dues assistance options. 

Are there time limits on specific member types? 
Yes! Here are the specifics on the member types with limitations;

Founding Members will transition after 2 years to Professional Nurse Membership. No new members can be added to Founders as this was a special offer made to our early adopters.

First-Year Professional Membership is good for 1 year immediately following graduation after participating with NSRH student membership or a campus chapter program.

Loominary Members can only be offered by a NSRH team member and is valid for free membership for up to 2 years. Members cannot renew as Loominary, they must be invited to stay in the Loominary Member type. After completing a Loominary Membership, nurses can transition to Professional Nurse Membership.

How does the Trust Level system work? 
For the safety of our community, we established a Trust Level system for members to move through to gain access to increased benefits as they move up in Trust. Nearly all members will come in at Trust Level 1 and will likely be able to move to Trust Level 2 by completing this form. For example, the NSRH Social Hub platform is only available to members at Trust Level 2 to protect member’s identities, create a safe space for sharing sensitive information and a place for vulnerability and growth.

I’m interested in starting an NSRH chapter on my campus, are there costs associated with student chapters?
Nope! Students who engage with NSRH through the Student Chapter Membership campus program do not pay dues while they are in school AND they could qualify for their First Year Professional membership for free as well.

I consider myself an SRH advocate, but I am neither a nursing student nor professional. Is there a place for me in NSRH?
Yes, we have non-nursing students and non-nursing professional allies membership types for folks who want to support the community of NSRH and the work we do. The core of what NSRH focuses on is developing content and resources for nurses at all levels and stages of their careers.

How do I access my NSRH profile to make updates or renew membership?
When you registered to become a member, attend an event or sign up to receive NSRH’s newsletter - you created an account with NSRH. Members will automatically be prompted to renew when your membership has entered the renewal period, 30 days prior to your expiration. You can login with your email address and password you designated to renew or update information. If you need assistance with accessing your account, please email us.

How do I join NSRH?
To start, view NSRH’s member type options to learn which membership fits best with where you are at currently. Follow the links to apply to the membership type for you and we will follow up with you shortly. All members join at Trust Level 1 with limited access to benefits. As members move up in Trust, we offer increased benefits.

What are the acceptable enrollment documents for the free student membership?
All student member types are required to submit documentation that proves current enrollment in a nursing program. Examples of acceptable documentation are transcripts (unofficial are accepted), paid invoice from institution, scholarship award(s), or an official class schedule. There needs to be a clear date or period of enrollment and your name visible on the document. We do not accept student IDs.

Does NSRH accept international applications for membership?
Yes, NSRH membership is open and welcomes members from anywhere in the world. It is important to note that we focus our content and education on US-centric practices and systems to provide education that our core audience of nurses can apply in their work settings. We can accept international payments through the major credit card providers and NSRH dues are in USD.


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