Why Join NSRH?

Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health is here for you. We have been weaving a network of nurses, nursing students, midwives, and advocates committed to high-quality, inclusive, full-spectrum healthcare, since 2006. In 2020, we launched a pilot of our Membership Program and in 2021 we are opening up Membership to the broader community in a full-scale launch of our Membership Program.

NSRH has formalized a membership program that provides entry points for a wide range of individuals: from nursing and midwifery students (who will enjoy free membership through their first year after graduation); to practicing nurses, LPNs, midwives, and doulas; to retired practitioners; to SRH advocates including doctors, activists, and educators. Our membership is grounded in a trusted community: you will always know that your fellow members are aligned with your commitment to quality, evidence-based SRH.

Membership in NSRH will connect you to a community of like-minded healthcare professionals who are equally committed to ensuring that ALL people have access to excellent comprehensive healthcare. Join us as we learn together and work to challenge oppressive systems within the sector. We know that together we can build the future of care we know our community deserves. We welcome you into our safe network of disruptive nurses, join us today!

“NSRH is creative and committed with dedication to the cause and persistence. An organization committed to lifting the work of nurses in the SRH field and advancing their roles. Providing opportunities for leadership, training, and advocacy.”
- NSRH Community Member

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Want to know more about NSRH? Check out our MissionHistory and Team to learn more!

Who Can Join?

Our primary focus is to serve nursing students and nursing professionals throughout their careers with membership resources and benefits. We also welcome SHR advocates and allies who wish to join us in working towards reproductive justice and liberation through inclusive, full spectrum healthcare.

Annual Membership Options

Nursing Student
Free for up to 4 years when enrolled in a degree earning program $0
First Year Professional
(NSRH Student Alumni)
First year after graduation for NSRH Student Members is free $0
Non-Nursing Student Student allies who have an interest in SRH $25
Nursing Professional LVN, LPN, RN, APRN, NP, LN, Certified Nurse Midwife, Midwifes $150/yr. or $250/2 yrs.
Emeritus Retired Nurse Professionals $50
Non-Nursing Professional Individuals interested in integrating SRH into their sector (lawyers, doulas, birth workers, educators, social workers, advocates) $100


Membership Options Download

We do not want cost to be a barrier for participation in our community. Please contact us to discuss reduced membership dues. 

How Do I Join?

We welcome you to apply to participate in NSRH membership! There are a few simple steps to get you through the process.

  1. Identify which member type fits you best after reviewing the descriptions above. If you are not certain where you fit, reach out and we can help.
  2. Click on the member type above to complete the application to join. Depending on which membership you are applying for, you may need the following items:
    1. Documentation of current school enrollment (Students), or
    2. Credit Card to pay annual dues (Professionals).
  3. Set up a profile and complete the application.

After the team receives your application, we will follow up with any questions or additional needs. All members automatically come in at Trust Level 1 with limited access to benefits in order to ensure that we are cultivating a community that is both safe and inclusive. As you increase your Trust Level, you gain more access to benefits and community resources.

“NSRH is an organization working on improving education and reproductive healthcare. One of the organizations working hard to include nurses and nursing students in increasing access to reproductive healthcare.”
- NSRH Community Member

Have other questions, visit our Membership FAQs or contact us.
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