Tenderness + Benevolence

Have you noticed how some leaders seem to have organic followings that people are magnetically drawn to? Identify a few of the great leaders in your life, what made them special to you? Most memorable leaders share a common trait, they lead with compassionate care for the community that embraces them. By focusing on the needs of others, leaders are able to grow the talent in their communities.

We are more likely to trust and engage with leaders and communities that prioritize the greater good. Groups that have rigid structures don’t account for the tenderness needed in human relationships or the beauty in being benevolent. At NSRH, we put the needs of passionate, disruptive nurses to the front of our vision. We prioritize caring with compassion for our members, celebrating your victories and holding space for the challenges faced in daily life as a nurse.

We all have spaces in our life where we can bring our authentic selves and thrive. Third Space Theory is a sociocultural term to designate communal space, as distinct from the home (first space) or work (second space). NSRH aims to be the third space for our members to grow and realize their potential as compassionate, inclusive nurses. We strive to be a third space that fosters compassion with accountability, to provide education that develops inclusivity, and a safe space to have crucial conversations about what is going on at hospitals and clinics that can impact patient care or outcomes. It is when we gather in a collective third space that we can bring our lived experience and our learned experiences together to grow in a safe community together.

Features of the Trusted Community of NSRH are built on the foundations of compassion, benevolence, and tenderness. We move forward with our hearts and ears open. If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of or know other nurses interested in connecting, get in touch with us at [email protected] and join NSRH membership when we launch this summer!

Here is an example of an artistic representation of Third Space.

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