Self-Care Through Art Journaling

By La Rainne Pasion

Debbie Bamberger is a WHNP-BC with over 30 years of experience and a member of NSRH's Board of Directors. This February, we talked to Debbie about her love of SRH provision and how she uses her creativity for self-care:

What is your role in sexual and reproductive health?

I am a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner by training, but these days I prefer to refer to myself as a Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurse Practitioner, since I take care of people of all genders. I graduated from UCSF in 1994 and have been providing SRH services since then and even before. I am aspiration-abortion trained and provide in-clinic abortion services at Planned Parenthood in Oakland. I've also done extensive training of clinicians in providing IUDs and implants, and I helped work on the new law in California that will mandate that all public universities provide medication abortion in their student health centers by 2023. 

What do you love about being involved in this kind of work/activism?

I love providing this type of care to people. Taking care of people's sexual and reproductive health needs incorporates justice in many forms--reproductive justice, of course, but also racial justice, social justice and more. Providing abortion care is also an intimate and powerful moment in which to meet my patients where they are on their journeys. 

I recently completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and I hope to find a way to bring restorative justice practices to the SRH workforce.

You’re also an artist. What inspires your art?

I started art journaling five years ago, having no prior art practice, and I found it completely transformative. Art journaling is journaling through art, in a book. I use it to process, spew, express, forgive and connect. 

How do you see art-making as a form of pleasure? Or as a form of self-care?

I art journal for pleasure and for self-care. I love making a page that looks beautiful, but the process of making it is extraordinarily cathartic.

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