Weaving Community

NSRH has been weaving a network of nurses, nursing students, midwives, and allies committed to high-quality, gender-appropriate, full-spectrum healthcare, since 2006. Starting early next year, this informal network will transition into a structured membership program. This organization has gone through many transitions during its young life. Many of you first came to know us as Nursing Students for Choice (NSFC), some of you became aware of us when we were Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSSRH). Now we are Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSRH). This latest iteration has represented the greatest leap for us. While our work with students remains the backbone of our work, we are excited to be able to expand our community to formally include nurses, midwives and other professionals.

To accomplish this expansion, we are implementing a membership model that provides entry points for a wide range of individuals: from nursing and midwifery students (who will always enjoy up to four years of free membership); to practicing nurses, LPNs, midwives, and doulas; to retired practitioners; to allies including doctors, activists, and educators. Our membership model is grounded in trusted community: you will always know that your fellow members are aligned with your commitment to quality, evidence-based SRH.

We have adopted the language of weaving to explain our work, because it best reflects the multilayered, intersectional, multi-dimensional nature of this community. The nursing sector is incredibly large, broad, and complex; as are the myriad obstacles that we face in our work for sexual and reproductive health and justice. This metaphor of weaving is also deeply personal for me. The funny thing is that the connection did not hit me until I was sitting at my loom maybe 300 threads into "sleying the reed", as weavers call it, a delicate process of threading each individual thread through a "shaft." How perfect is that! What better a representation of the work of building community? In weaving you have to attend to each and every individual thread in order to weave them together into a beautiful and intricate textile, which becomes more intricate the more threads, textures, and colors you add. Each and every thread is critical to the composition; there are no outliers.

"Sleying the reed" is just one element of "dressing the loom," preparing the loom for weaving. We have been "dressing the loom" over the past year, laying the foundation for this new membership program. We have a new strategic plan, new database, new learning management system, new staff, new website, etc. All elements necessary for crafting the beautiful, intricate tapestry of community that we will all weave together. 

Our shift to membership will support this important work. Here is a sampling of what our membership program will offer:


  • A trusted network of peers, experts and allies in SRH
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to members-only directory
  • Regional chapter support
  • Connections with affinity groups aligned with your interests


  • Online courses through the NSRH Online Institute
  • Ability to track your Continuing Education Hours (CEs)
  • Members-only workshops
  • Members-only Newsletter
  • Discounts to NSRH Conference
  • RN Clinical Training Program


  • Updates on pending policy changes affecting SRH and opportunities to engage in advocacy
  • Advocacy training
  • Press training
  • Invitations to participate in collective actions

Opportunities to:

  • Submit content to the newsletter
  • Be spotlighted as a member
  • Apply for fellowships
  • Apply for Awards

Professional Development

  • Access to the NSRH Job Board
  • Ask an Expert
  • Pop-ed Workshops


  • Discount to NSRH Store
  • Restorative Empowerment Circles
  • Virtual book club
  • Fun jams
  • Free swag

There will be a number of major changes as we transition to the new membership model over the next several months:

  • Beginning in November, our weekly newsletter will shift to bi-weekly for non-members. Members will receive an additional monthly members-only newsletter with specially curated content.
  • In November we will launch programming for our Founding Members. Everyone who signed the Membership Pledge before September 16, 2020 will be considered for a Founding Membership. We were so excited to have received over 200 pledges!
  • Chapter Support programming will continue with several enhancements.
  • Nursing students will be able to apply for a free Nursing Student Membership in addition to their participation in their campus chapters. This means that students will now have access to NSRH benefits regardless of whether or not they have a chapter on their campus.

Full Launch March 2021!

We will continue to keep you posted as we prepare for this important and exciting transition. 

During these times it is more important than ever for nurses who care passionately about sexual and reproductive health to have a safe and trusted community. Whether it's negotiating power structures in your clinical setting, advocating for the diverse needs of your patients, or seeking comprehensive training in your course of study, we know that we do better when we work together, learn from one another, and share spaces of safety, healing and joy. The loom is dressed, let's get to weaving!


Lina Buffington, PhD

NSRH Executive Director

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