Student Programs

Student activists are the foundation and the future of Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health. NSRH began as a collaboration between students from two nusring schools: Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) in Portland, and Winona State University in Minnesota. Today we have chapters across the country, and we now offer an expansive membership program for nurses at all stages of their careers. 

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By joining the NSRH membership program, nursing students become part of a trusted community that unites people, knowledge, and networks from across the nursing field to improve the health and wellness of our communities. NSRH members also gain access to curated professional development experiences within their field, as well as education opportunities and advocacy tools. 

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Online Institute

Our Online Institute provides you with interactive educational modules that will increase your knowledge and proficiency in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Justice while you earn much needed CE Hours. Non-Members can purchase courses a la carte through our store.

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Student Chapters

Student activists are the foundation and the future of Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health. Our Chapter Organizing Network is a nationwide community of nursing students and educators at nursing schools that organize and advocate for the inclusion of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice within nursing education. Interested in organizing on your campus?

Karen Edlund Fellowship

The Karen Edlund Future Nurse Leaders Fellowship fuels nursing students to leverage their power and become leaders in SRH, reproductive rights (RR) and Reproductive Justice (RJ). We believe that through intentional support and development of underrepresented nurses, we can shift the power structure of nursing and transform healthcare to not only include, but celebrate sexual and reproductive health.

Applications for the Spring 2022 cohort are now closed.