Benefits of Membership

Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health takes your safety and privacy seriously. We want our community to be a productive environment for flexing our growth muscles and sharing vulnerable moments together. That is why all new members start at Trust Level 1. As you establish greater trust in the community you are able to increase your trust level, thereby increasing your access to networking and community building opportunities within the community. For example, members who move on to Trust Level 2 are able to access our closed, secure social networking too, NSRH Social Hub. 

Trust Level 1

- Access to the Online Institute
- NSRH Store Discounts
- Access to CEUs
- Online Presentations
- Member Newsletter


Trust Level 2 

- Access to Rotations, Conferences, & in-person events
- Member Webinars
- Profile with NSRH Social Hub
- Member Directory

Trust Level 3 

 - Ability to create and moderate community forums on Social Hub
- Eligible for paid work opportunities, trainings, Online Institute content
- Access to Free NSRH membership as a Loominary Leader



Trust Level System

We welcome everyone to apply and join with access to our base level membership benefits, and it is through time invested that you can grow your access to benefits. Climbing up the Trust Level system is designed to create paths into leadership that are not related to financial investments.

There are a few routes to increase your Trust Level with NSRH:

  • Proof of membership or involvement with another RR/RJ/SRH organization that also requires vetting & verification
  • A letter from a current NSRH Member* or one of our Board of Directors vouching for your increased involvement with membership.
    *Current member will need to be at a higher TL than the person they are vouching for.
  • Request a 30 minute video meeting with NSRH team member or Community Weaver to let us get to know you.
  • After a year of active, engaged participation in membership, members can be elevated up one Trust Level. Participation in online presentations, communications or emails with the NSRH team, and/or attending events are examples of engaged membership. This is at the discretion of the NSRH membership team.

Members can request to be moved to a higher level by completing this form with one of the above routes listed.


Apply for Membership!