Session 10

Reproductive Justice

Katherine Bisanz, MSW, LGSW, is a co-founding member of Social Workers for Reproductive Justice, an organization that seeks to create a community of social workers dedicated to reproductive justice within the field of social work by offering education and training around the intersection of social work and reproductive health, rights and justice work. Katherine coordinates the Provider Resilience Initiative which is a collaboration between Social Workers for Reproductive Justice and the Abortion Care Network that seeks to offer healing and crisis support to independent abortion providers. Additionally, she works as a private practice therapist using body-based (somatic) trauma healing as her primary modality. Katherine's past work includes the role of Program Director at the Sexual Violence Center in Minneapolis as well as advocacy and management roles at Philadelphia Women's Center and Cherry Hill Women's Center, two independent abortion providers in the Philadelphia area.

Katherine would like to acknowledge the work of Nicole Clark and Reia Chapman, Advisory Committee members of Social Workers for Reproductive Justice who have created webinar content connecting social work to the reproductive justice framework from which some content was adapted for the creation of the training module. She would also like to acknowledge the imperative work of women of color led organizations like Forward Together, Sister Song, Trust Black Women, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and many others in the development of educational materials about reproductive justice that were used in the creation of this module.


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