ACE Elective Getting Started

The ACE Elective can be be used as a complete 10 week curriculum, or as stand alone lectures. Follow the steps below to design and implement the curriculum to best meet your chapter’s needs.

Step 1 - Identify Student Leaders

  • Identify 2-3 student leaders who will organize and host the elective. Assign leadership roles.
  • Contact Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) or If/When/How (formerly Law Students for Reproductive Justice) chapter leaders if you are interested in seeking out co-hosts for the elective.
  • Contact your faculty advisor (or identify friendly faculty) to help you find speakers, reserve rooms, and communicate with the school administration regarding attendance and for-credit courses.

Step 2 - What Will You Be Offering?

Will you be offering single lectures, or the whole 10 week curriculum? Do you want it to be an evening discussion group, or a lunch-time elective? Do you want it to be “for-credit” or simply a non-credit elective?

*Note: Some schools are willing to offer the elective “for credit”, i.e. students who officially register for the elective will receive credit on their transcript.

Step 3 - Timeline

Set deadlines for tasks, including reserving rooms, having instructors committed, and printing flyers, etc.

Step 4 - Curriculum and Instructors

This can be a very fun part of designing an elective! Think about faculty, local NPs/CNMs in practice, non-profit leaders, policy folks, adoption agency reps, MDs, RNs, social workers, etc. who can teach your elective. They need to be asked well in advance and given all of the logistical information to arrive on time, set up audio/visual, and know their audience. Content for all lectures, including prepared slide decks, lecture notes, and resources are in the Course Content page. Each lecture is prepared as a resource for your lecturers, allowing them to teach without having to create the content from scratch. Please make sure that your instructors have access to the content for their lecture. Your faculty advisor or NSRH can help you connect with local instructors if you are having trouble securing one.

  • MVA and IUD Workshop: NSRH can help you secure supplies, such as MVA’s and IUD training materials. Each chapter has access to a limited amount of funding to help offset the cost of purchasing papayas and disposable supplies. Please contact NSRH for more information.

Step 5 - Make Room Reservations

Contact your nursing student affairs office (or a similar administrative office) to figure out the process of reserving a room on a regular basis.

Step 6 - Advertise

Print the flyer template, fill in with the details of your elective, and post around campus. Send out an email announcement on the nursing, medical, and other professional student listservs. Talk to various OB/GYN interest groups, MSFC students, public health, PA, social work, and law students.

Step 7 - Evaluation

Each session module has a pre and post test. Provide attendees with the link and follow-up to make sure that the tests are completed. These become part of a de-identified data set used to advance curriculum change efforts in schools of nursing and for program evaluation.

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