2020 Karen Edlund, RN, Future Leader Award Recipient

Katrina Lipinsky, RN

The Karen Edlund, RN Future Leader Award honors Karen’s lifelong commitment to sexual and reproductive health and her tenure on the NSRH Board of Directors. This annual award recognizes the outstanding achievements of NSRH nursing student chapter leader(s) who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting access to sexual and reproductive health on their campus. NSRH is pleased to announce the first recipient, Katrina Lipinsky!

Katrina Lipinsky, BA, BSN, R.N. (she/her) is a nurse-midwifery student at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). She has been a chapter leader of NSRH at Penn Nursing since January 2018. During this time, she worked alongside the other chapter leaders at Penn to organize a wide range events and activities including a full day Abortion Care Education Elective, papaya workshops, trips to New York for abortion education events, fundraisers, letters to the editor/open letters, and co-sponsorships of events at other universities. She has helped to build a relationship between Penn Law’s chapter of If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice and Penn Medicine’s Medical Students for Choice. She enjoys connecting students and providers with opportunities to be involved in sexual and reproductive health education and community-building. In addition to her involvement in NSRH, she is the student representative on the Clinicians in Abortion Care advisory board at the National Abortion Federation and co-leader of the Philadelphia cluster of the Reproductive Health Access Network.


In a movement that is so often dominated by physicians and specialists, Katrina is a fearless advocate for ensuring that nurses, midwives, doulas, and other clinicians have seats at the table (figuratively but also literally-- she shows up for everything, even if it means a roundtrip to NYC from Philly for every NYC Cluster meeting!). She is a natural organizer, bringing together people and organizations from across the movement to collaborate and lift up the presence of non-physician clinicians in our networks and communities.

-Laura Riker & Hailey Broughton-Jones, Reproductive Health Access Project

I can think of no one more deserving to receive the first Karen Edlund, RN Future Leader award than Katrina, though I admit it’s a bit funny to refer to her as a “future leader” when in reality Katrina has proven to be a much stronger leader than most folks twice her age. Katrina is hard to describe briefly, she is incredibly hard working, tenacious, welcoming, she seems to always be willing and able to perfectly articulate the question on everyone’s lips.

-Maggie Casey, National Abortion Federation

Katrina is a relentless defender of nurses and advanced practice clinicians in their effort to work to the fullest of their scope, especially when it comes to reproductive health care. She advocates for breaking down barriers that prevent this full scope. She also stands up for ALL people to have access to this care, including abortion, in the setting where they feel most comfortable.

-Linda Prine, Reproductive Health Access Project


I am deeply moved to have been chosen as the first recipient of the Karen Edlund, RN Future Leader Award. Karen was a fierce advocate for access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health care, and her work as a public health nurse demonstrated her commitment to creating healthier, thriving communities. As a midwifery student, I stand on the shoulders of provider advocates like Karen, and I am saddened I never had the chance to meet her. I am thrilled to accept this award both in memory and celebration of the extraordinary life of Karen Edlund, RN.

-Katrina Lipinsky, RN


In the spirit of Karen’s lifelong commitment and dedication to the movement, this award provides funding for the continued development of future generations of nurse leaders and advocates. Check back to find out how to become eligible for this prestigious award or consider contributing to the fund.


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