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We have set a goal of raising $25,000 in support of the Karen Edlund Future Nurse Leader Fund for this year. Thanks to our generous donors we are already over halfway there. Join us in supporting the cultivation of the next generation of nurse leaders who will serve as advocates, practitioners, and leaders in SRH!

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Celebrating Nurse Leaders

In honor of Karen Edlund's tenure on the Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSRH) Board of Directors and her lifelong commitment to sexual and reproductive health (SRH), NSRH is pleased to announce the Karen Edlund, RN Future Nurse Leader Fund. This Fund will support the continued development of future generations of nurse leaders and advocates through two major projects:

  • The KE Future Nurse Leader Award- The Award recognizes excellence in our student chapter leaders. We invited recommendations from members of our community to help us identify the first award recipient in 2020.
  • The KE Future Nurse Leader Fellowship-  The Fellowship will help us cultivate a more diverse community of nurse leaders in SRH who better reflect the communities they serve, and provide them with targeted resources and support to help them fulfill their leadership goalsWe recognize that in order to diversify our Network, we must devote targeted resources to the recruitment and support of nursing students who are presently under-represented in our Network (especially Black, Native, and Latinx students). 


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New Training in Abortion Care (TAC) Program for RNs

NSRH has launched our first ever Training in Abortion Care (TAC) Program for RNs. TAC pairs highly motivated registered nurses with clinical partners that provide full-spectrum sexual and reproductive healthcare for hands-on learning of procedures, particularly abortion care. In addition to clinical training, participants will also receive interprofessional programming to support their development as advocates for reproductive rights and justice. TAC’s first cohort will be established in honor of Helen Pearl Lay Watson, a registered nurse and pro-choice supporter who practiced for 54 years mainly in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. For this cycle, applicants must be RNs who are licensed to practice in the states of Tennesses and/or Kentucky.

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COVID-19 Resource Guide

We know that there is a glut of information being released about the COVID-19 crisis on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming navigating all of this information, and so we have started a resource guide to collect information that may be relevant to you.

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